jade diamond platinum pendant

this origanal jade french chinese top crafted collaberation piece .Is well suited for classy late afternoon as well as evening occasions .Looks very refined looks very good at assiatic types ,brown skinned ,brunnetes and black haired ladies.Jade is one of the rare stones that are not seasonal restricted.

  • apple green jade
  • emperors stone
  • rare quality.
  • diamond
  • platina
  • french
  • early twenties
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Beautifull one piece jade platinum diamond pendant from France early twenties This piece is beatifully handcarved jade with his orgin of China.

Jade is the mythical stone said to be relacing stress and regulates the blood pressure .The stone was also called the emperor stone Cause it said to be

protecting against the evil eye .Now adays high quality jade such as this piece is becoming more rare because of the mobilaty of chinese citizens all over the world.

The handcraft in these piece is typical for the high standards of his time.Platinum is a material that is very hard to fined and to craft.So it takes a subtential effort

to create a piece like this.Jade appel green look good at an light skin as the emperors wife as a dark skin as the african queens from the top acient african empiers.

Black hair ad brunettes are wel sudded with this pressues stone

  • apple green jade
  • platinum.
  • handcrafted.
  • old cut diamond.

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